Technical features

1. Increase the platform to improve working efficiency.

2. Increase the rolling monolithic institutions, feeding more smoothly, Effectively reducing material wear and tear.

3. Cutting depth is adjustable from the front side, compared to the traditional back adjustment, the operation more convenient for the users.
 4. With a double copper arc bending device, for small arc pat bending, more accurate for small letters; for large arc extrusion bending, more faster for big letters damage to the material, with high arc molding accuracy.

5. The cutter is alloy, can be positive and negative cutting, swing cutting, with no angle limit, more easier to cut different types of thicker aluminum materials.

6. The software and encoder form a closed-loop detection system, and the material feeding length is precisely guaranteed to ensure that the processed finished product and the original file are error-free.

7. Add button start, button feed, and return, more convenient.


Technical specifications