1. Our this machine widely used in sign and advertising industry to make all kinds of sign letters. Such as Channel Letters, Resign Signs, Supper Letters, illuminated and no-illuminated sign letters, indoor and outdoor signs.

2. Specialist in processing all kind of aluminum material.

-Technical characteristics-

1. The grooving angle (45-135 degrees) and depth are precisely controllable. The precise processing of various bending angles is realized by using the depth and grooving angle of NC axis groove.

2. Software intelligent control, intelligent interference check, obstacle avoidance in bending process.

3. Unique symmetrical bending method avoids interference in the bending process and greatly improves the bending strength.

4. Unique stainless steel planer groove, profiling milling groove separate grooving mode, according to the different characteristics of materials, arbitrary switch, easy to operate.

5. It can read PLT, AI, various vector files in DXF format, and carve machine files to achieve a perfect match.